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Old Radnor Community Council: Financial Allowances


Until 2018-19 Old Radnor Community Council did not pay financial allowances to its Members. From May, 2018, in line with the recommendations of the Independent Remuneration Panel, £150 per Member has been made available per year to cover the cost of general expenses - telephone, printing etc. Members can refuse this allowance and details of payments made will be published at the financial year end (31st March).

It does not pay any allowance to its Chairman.

Members may claim travel expenses for travel to an approved meeting/visit outside the Community Council area. Details of any payments are listed below.

Members may claim the reimbursement of reasonable care costs for a dependant whilst attending Council duties.


2019-20 Payments

E.P. Jones         £150 (annual Councillor remuneration)           

R. Burden         £150 (annual Councillor remuneration)             

Roy Jones         £150 (annual Councillor remuneration)            

H. Jones           £150 (annual Councillor remuneration)               

K. Powell          £150 (annual Councillor remuneration)              

J. Griffiths        £150 (annual Councillor remuneration) 

J. Stokes          £150 (annual Councillor remuneration)  

No other payments were made.


2018/19 Payments

Cllr. E. Jones    £150 (annual allowance)

Cllr. R. Burden  £150  (annual allowance)

Cllr. Roy Jones  £150  (annual allowance)

Cllr. H. Jones    £150  (annual allowance)

Cllr. K. Powell   £150  (annual allowance)

Cllr. J. Griffiths  £150  (annual allowance)

No other payments were made.


2017/18 Payments      None.

2016/17 Payments     Cllr. R. Burden £36.30 (travel)

2015/16 Payments      None

2014/15 Payments     Cllr. Trevor Bell​ £28.00 (travel)

2013/14 Payments     None

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